Deploy Your Smart Contract on Plasm

Before deploying your smart contract on the Plasm Mainnet, you are recommended deploying the contract on your local development chain, and after that on the Dusty Network.

Development Network

Try out your smart contract on the local chain looks like a good idea. Let's open Plasm Network Portal UI.

First, select Local Node on the top left of the chain selection menu.

Click Contracts tab and choose Code -> Upload WASM.

Metadata and WASM code should be filled out in the form.

Uploading the code takes around 220 Units.

Congratulations! You uploaded your first L1 Smart contract! Let's create an instance of your code using "Deploy" button.

Don't foget to set 100 unit endowment.

The transaction fee is around 1.6 units. As the result you can see the instance of your smart contract.

Contract interaction will be explained in the next chapter.

Any questions? Feel free to ask us.