Substrate is under the active development. If you have issues, feel free to ask us on Discord (Tech Chat).

To write smart contracts on Plasm Network, you need to set up the following things on your computer.

Plasm Node

Currently, we have 2 ways to install **the Plasm Node as follows.

①Install from the latest release

②Build from source

Make sure you have already installed Rust

> curl -sSf | sh
# on Windows download and run rustup-init.exe
# from instead
> rustup update nightly
> rustup target add wasm32-unknown-unknown --toolchain nightly

You will also need to install the following dependencies:

  • Linux: sudo apt install cmake git clang libclang-dev build-essential

  • Mac: brew install cmake git llvm

  • Windows: Download and install the Pre Build Windows binaries of LLVM from​

Install additional build tools:

cargo install --git

Install the Plasm node from git source:

cargo install --force --locked --git --tag v1.4.0-dusty plasm-cli

Alternatively, you can use the following commands to compile directly from the repo (unstable bleeding edge)

git clone
cd Plasm
rustup override set nightly
cargo build --release

Run node on the Plasm canary network (Dusty Network)


Or run on your local development network:

plasm-node --dev

The final tool we will be installing is ink! utility.

cargo install cargo-contract --vers 0.6.1 --force

You can use "cargo contract --help" to understand commands

Any questions? Feel free to ask us.