Run your Dusty node with Ankr

Ankr enables easy node hosting and validating services for Plasm Network on desktop and mobile.

Plasm Network is rolling out an integration with Ankr, your gateway to Web3, connecting consumers, developers, and enterprises to the new internet, in a few easy clicks. Read the full announcement.

Create account

Go to the Ankr website and create an account. Once your account is created, you can visit their market. Search for 'Plasm Testnet - Dusty' and click on 'Deploy'.

Setup your node

When your node is fully deployed and synced to the network, you can proceed with the following steps.

To get real-time stats of the node, please head to the Polkadot Telemetry Web App. On the Dusty tab, you then search your node name for further information. After the node has finished syncing, you can follow the following steps:

#1 - Go to Plasm Network UI and create an account. Make sure you are connected to 'Dusty' testnet. You can change from network in the top left menu:

#2 - When you don't have an account, you can create one by clicking 'Add Account'. A form pops-up. Choose a name and password. The most important part of this form is your mnemonic seed! Write this down, take a screenshot, … don’t lose it.

Click on ‘Next’ and ‘Save’. Store your *.json file somewhere on your computer, cloud, … In case you lose your mnemonic seed, you can always restore your account with this file.

#3 - Copy your 'Session Key' in Ankr dashboard. Go back to Plasm UI and click on ‘Developer’ — ‘Extrinsics’ — ‘Session’ — ‘setKeys(keys, proof)’ and paste the result in the keys field and in the proof field, enter 0x00.

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Don’t forget to ‘Submit Transaction’ after you paste the key.

#4 - Share your validator account address with Stake Technologies team via Google Form.

#5 - Follow your submission in the Dusty validator sheet.

That's it!