Setup Server

There are multiple ways to setup server where you will run your validator node. Here is a list of most preferred services.

  1. MS Azure

  2. Ankr

  3. Digital Ocean

Build your server and use the following recommendations:

vCPU: 2
RAM: 8 Gig
Disk space: between 50-100 Gig

1. Setup Azure Server

For the users who are selected to join the Plasm Azure Validator Program , please follow the instructions made by pathrock.


or follow video by Kenzo Kobayashi,

Kenzo Kobayashi, Plasm Network Ambassador


2. Setup Ankr Server

Ankr enables easy node hosting and validating services for Plasm Network on desktop and mobile.

Plasm Network is rolling out an integration with Ankr, your gateway to Web3, connecting consumers, developers, and enterprises to the new internet, in a few easy clicks. Read the full announcement.

2.1. Create Ankr account

Go to the Ankr website and create an account. Once your account is created, you can visit their market. Search for 'Plasm Testnet - Dusty' and click on 'Deploy'.

2.2. Setup your Ankr node

When your node is fully deployed and synced to the network, you can proceed with the following steps.

Skip the Install Node step and proceed to Configure node.

3. Setup Digital Ocean Server

Follow the guides in this article: