​Plasm Network's mission is to provide a scalable, interoperable, and decentralized application platform that defines and realizes the new form of the web: Web3.0.

The traditional social structure allows people with authority to monopolize information, and history has proven that these peope will bend the rules to their benefit. Even if people claim that their system is fair, it still lack transparency, proving that everything is still conceived upon pillars of sand that are called trust. In contrast to this, blockchain provides a system with decentralized governance that does not require a single point of failure and making a transparent and trustless system. This is possible because blockchain is a system that allows anyone to view, prove, and host with a highly fault-tolerant consensus mechanism.

For end-users to fully utilize the strengths of the blockchain protocol, there must be an application that provides an interface to them. Applications that work on top of blockchains are referred to as Decentralized Application (dApps). Currently, there are countless dApps developed in the form of smart contracts and chain codes that are deployed on a blockchain, providing utility for various people. However, due to the decentralized nature of dApps, the processing speed is far from fast.

To solve this issue, some features are implemented on Plasm Network that are accessible from the links below.

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