Kusama Parachain Auction Strategy

What is Shiden Network?

Shiden Network is a canary network that acts as an R&D chain of Plasm Network.

Parachain Auction


Kusama Parachain Auction

Today, we are technically ready to join the Kusama auction and build dApps hub on Kusama. To become one of the first Kusama Parachains, we will conduct a KSM lockdrop.

KSM holders can directly participate in the auction from our portal. All you need to do is connect your Polkadot.js extension to the portal, select the locking amount and click on “Deposit.”

KSM Lockdrop Specific

  • Lease period: 2 years

  • No maximum KSM, no minimum

  • SDN is capped during the Kusama parachain auction, 32,5% of the total supply will be distributed.

  • The vesting period for SDN TBA