Validator Guide

If you are using Microsoft Azure, please follow the video 👇

Kenzo Kobayashi, Plasm Network Ambassador

This short guide explains how to become a Dusty Network validator step by step.

  • Open "Setting" and select "local node".

  • Open "Accounts" and create a new account.

  • Share your validator account address with Stake Technologies team via Google Form.

  • Claim tokens for transactions by requesting them on the Discord #faucet channel.

  • Open Toolbox window and call rotateKeys() RPC call or use curl command:

curl -H "Content-Type: application/json" -d '{"id":1, "jsonrpc":"2.0", "method": "author_rotateKeys", "params":[]}' http://localhost:9933
  • Save the result for the next steps.

  • Click the "Session Key" button and paste the result for the validator account.


When you finish this tutorial, please wait a bit while Stake Technologies team approves your account as a validator. Thank you for Plasm Network contribution and let's make Plasm better together!Testnet v3 migration

If you have already participated in testnet V3 as a validator, you could be interested in migration. Please copy your session keys from testnet v3 keystore into dusty keystore by following commands before launch node:exit: Ctrl+↩

mkdir .local/share/plasm-node/chains/dustycp -r .local/share/plasm-node/chains/plasm_testnet_v3/keystore .local/share/plasm-node/chains/dusty

Any questions? Feel free to ask us on Discord Tech Channel.